The cats and dogs of Paris cafés

Are you cats or dogs?

Something nice about Paris is its cafés. There are so many, but some have truly original concepts and themes. We wanted to share these two.

Le café des chats

It was impossible to just walk by, when in the window you see lots of cats inside a café-restaurant ! So we walked in and ordered a café gourmand. It’s habitants walk freely around customer’s tables and have their own spots where they can just « chill ». It’s a cozy place, looking more like a home than a café.

9 rue Sedaine, 75010 Paris  



Le Bouledogue

In contrast, here is a restaurant called « Le Bouledogue » which honors the owner's darling.

This one is for all you "frenchie" fans out here. A different, more classic vibe, but it is just as inviting and nice !

20 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris


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